Your husband or father is turning 50 and you want to get him something really nice? Together, lets find the perfect birthday gift for 50 yea old man. He accomplished many things in his life. Such as,: becoming a father, advancing in his work, and being a valuable mentor to everyone with his wise words. After all, he’s already been on Earth for half a century!

But what are good birthday gift for a 50 year old man? At his age, he would prefer a birthday gift for a 50 year old man that is as practical and useful as something related to things you know he already likes. Before you start shopping, you need to ask yourself a few questions: Does my dad need anything? What is something my husband has always wanted? Does it have anything that could be upgraded? Relax, we’ve considered all of the above and put together the best ideas as birthday gift for 50 year old man!


Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set - birthday gift for 50 year old man
Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Your father or husband turns 50 this year and you are looking for something really special for him. He’s a man you look up to. You want to get him something that shows how much you appreciate everything he does for you, as well as a gift that doesn’t make him feel old. Lucky for you, this incredible Bourbon Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men is the ultimate 50th birthday gift.

He’ll be in awe of the amazing custom design wooden box and whiskey glasses, especially if you’ve gone to the trouble of making it unique just for him. Once he pours a glass of his favorite scotch into one of his new glasses and lights up his cigar with a nifty cigar, he’ll be feeling cooler than James Bond himself on his 50th birthday!


Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler -  birthday gift for 50 year old man
Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler

Does the man in your life like to travel? Approaching 50 years old, he already enjoys typical retiree hobbies: golf, fishing, barbecuing and even boating. He and his friends try to go on at least one trip every month, and there’s always plenty of beer around.

To make his adventures even better, you should get him this awesome Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler! With a capacity of 64 ounces, he’ll have plenty of beer to last him for the first few hours of their adventure. Vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel keeps it ice cold for hours, so there’s no need to bother with a bulky beer cooler. This growler is the perfect birthday gift for 50 year old man who loves to travel with their beer!


Fortessa Stainless Steel And Glass Smoking Box -  birthday gift for 50 year old man
Fortessa Stainless Steel And Glass Smoking Box

The guy in your life enjoys whiskey as much as anyone else. He likes to have a drink every night after dinner while watching the news. He doesn’t have a particular favorite whiskey and likes to try different kinds from time to time. For his birthday this year, you should surprise him with an upgrade to his evening routine: a glass smoking box with a hand smoker!

Can infuse your drink with a whole new smoky flavor! He can also choose the type of chip he wants to use. This is by far one of the most unique birthday gifts for a 50 year old man.


Personalized Home Bar Wooden Sign
 -  birthday gift for 50 year old man
Personalized Home Bar Wooden Sign

Over the years, you’ve heard him talk about how much he wants to one day create the perfect home bar. Now that his 50th birthday is coming up, you have the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a gift that will help him fulfill his dream – an engraved Home Bar wooden sign! Once he finds the perfect place to display his cool new sign, he’ll be inspired to get started on his home bar. In fact, you could get everyone who comes to his birthday party to make you his home bar themed gifts like a new TV, bar stools, faucet handles and more so he has the essentials! Such a unique and thoughtful gift is one of the best possible birthday gifts for a 50-year-old.

A 50-year-old man who wants to have his own home bar one day. For the man who already has an impressive home bar, this sign is the best way to make it official!


Whiskey Decanter With Glasses  -  birthday gift for 50 year old man
Whiskey Decanter With Glasses

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t decided on the perfect 50 year old birthday gift, think about what he doesn’t have. If he doesn’t have a whiskey decanter set, you can’t go wrong getting him this custom decanter set for his birthday! Even though she already has a carafe or two, they aren’t that awesome personalized sets! He’ll love how classy and impressive this set looks, but he’ll love it even more for enjoying his favorite whiskey like a sophisticated connoisseur. Pair this set with a nice bottle of 50 year old whiskey and you’re golden!


Personalized Bamboo Butcher Block -  birthday gift for 50 year old man
Personalized Bamboo Butcher Block

Give the barbecue-loving 50-year-old the perfect place to prepare for his 50th birthday with this stunning personalized bamboo butcher block! With a vintage-inspired design that declares him a Grill Master, your dad or husband will want to prove his skills by grilling burgers, steaks, kabobs, brats, hot dogs and more as often as possible. Built to last for years, just like him, this amazingly sturdy butcher block will help him by being his designated place for all his spices and chops. Thanks to your great gift, he won’t be scrambling for paper burger plates or making a mess on the counter while making kabobs!


Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Your dad has worked more than half his life and is starting to feel the effects of hard work. He is in pain, has a bad back and can’t do all the things he used to do at work. All these things and turning 50 won’t make him feel better or younger, but you can give a birthday gift that does both! This shiatsu massage pillow will help him relax and soothe his aching back with its warmth and multiple massage techniques. He can indulge in a full back massage or focus on the lower, upper or middle back in zoning mode. Your amazing birthday gift for 50 year old man will make him feel more relaxed and younger again.


Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case-  birthday gift for 50 year old man
Poker Chip Set with Aluminum Case

The game Poker is popular among your dad’s friends and they often have poker nights at their house. They usually use his best friend’s set because it has the most pieces and is in the best condition. Your dad always wanted to have his own poker set to host, but he never got around to it. This poker set is the perfect birthday gift for a 50 year old man who loves to play poker! Other games can be played with the set, such as Wichita with cards and dice. Thanks to your great gift, Dad can finally host a poker night and impress his friends!

Turning 50 is a reason to celebrate! Not everyone is blessed to reach this golden age! That’s why it’s worth taking the time to think of a special birthday gift for him. Make it a gift that expresses your love for him and his love for specific things that you are well aware of as you have watched him age gracefully over the years. Let your gift leave a mark that will always make him remember the time he turned 50. Choose a gift here that has something to do with his favorite things that he can use, or even one that satisfies his love for things that excite 50-year-olds about.