From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Star Wars Beer Steins

What is the fascination with beer steins? Have you ever looked closely at the glass that holds your beer? For the most part, they are usually just a regular plain glass. But steins are in a league all their own, full or empty. Star Wars Beer Steins are especially unique.

Over the last few centuries, steins have evolved into specialized works of art. As a result, they are just as likely to be found in a museum gallery as on a bartop. Star Wars Beer Steins make the perfect gift for any Star Wars collector. Which Star Wars porcelain stein would make that perfect addition to your Star Wars collection?

Star Wars Yoda Stein

Jedi Master Star Wars Beer Steins
Star Wars Beer SteinsStar Wars Yoda Stein

Star Wars Steins are a perfect gift for those Star Wars fans and beer stein collectors you have in your life. In my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than Yoda. In a universe that is filled with can’t forget characters, he is by far one of the most memorable.

Yoda was small in size, yet grand in stature. He was the master who could awaken the power within his student and forever alter the course of history.

This Star Wars porcelain stein features Yoda with his gnarled staff in hand, standing atop a Dagobah tree trunk base. Which captures the look of the Dagobah with it’s twisting vines winding their way up the custom handle. The metallic thumb rest is adorned with the Rebel Alliance logo. The base holds a 22K- gold inscription: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

This Star Wars Yoda stein measures 10 inches and holds 30 ounces of liquid. What’s even better is that not only does it make a great collectible for your Star Wars collection, it is drink safe.

Star Wars Han Solo Stein

Millennium Falcon Star Wars Beer Steins

Star Wars Beer SteinsHan Solo Stein

Let’s raise a toast to this charismatic Star Wars character and his iconic ship with this Star Wars Han Solo stein.

Whenever Han Solo was at the helm of the Millennium Falcon, you knew there were intergalactic adventures in store. There are sure to be many adventures of your own with this Star Wars porcelain stein.

There are some really great Star Wars Beer Steins out there. This stein is right up there with its vibrant artwork of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. Plus a famous Han Solo quote is found on the back: “Never Tell Me The Odds!”  The metal topper that rests atop the stein features the Millennium Falcon in all her glory.

The custom handle takes design elements from the Falcon’s engines. Tne thumb rest bears the symbol of the Alliance.  A striking tribute to Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon and a must have for Star Wars fans.

Darth Vadar Beer Stein

Star Wars Beer Steins

Star Wars Beer SteinsDarth Vadar Stein

Star Wars not only introduced us to a galaxy far, far away but also to one of the most compelling sinister personalities in space, Darth Vadar.

The Darth Vadar Beer Stein celebrates the true design genius of Star Wars, with every inch of this masterpiece a tribute to the Lord of the Sith. You can now toast the epic tale and the unforgettable villain with the Darth Vadar Beer Stein.

A full-color imagery of Darth Vadar is showcased on the front. While the back features one of his most famous quotes: “I Fin Your Lack of Faith Disturbing.” The detail of the base is inspired by Darth Vadar’s life support armor, including his famed chest panel. While the body of the stein holds the details of his meditation chamber. We can’t forget about the lightsaber which is shaped like the hilt of Darth Vadar’s lightsaber. The thumb rest bears the Imperial Emblem.

Best of all a fully sculpted replica of Darth Vadar’s TIE Advances x1 Starfighter sits atop the stein with true Imperial flare.

Darth Vadar Beer Stein measures 9 1/2″ H, is completely drink safe and holds a generous 32 ounces of liquid. A must-have for Star Wars fans and makes a unique Star Wars collectible too.


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