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Keepsake Gifts for Granddaughters

Extra Special Gifts for Extra Special Granddaughters

keepsake gifts for granddaughtersKeepsake gifts for granddaughters are truly special gifts to give to your granddaughters anytime your heart desires. Keepsake gifts have special messages that any granddaughter will cherish throughout her life.

As a mother we think we cannot possibly love anything as much as we love our children, then along come grandkids and our hearts grow even bigger. Nothing is as sweet, precious, and special as a granddaughter’s love. A granddaughter’s love is truly the sweetest love of all!

I am always looking for special ways to show my granddaughter just how special she is to me. I came across these beautiful keepsake gifts for granddaughters and knew immediately that they are a perfect way to remind her how much she is loved. I also loved that these keepsake granddaughters gifts each have a special message that she will cherish even after she is grown with a family of her own. Who knows maybe she will pass it on to her granddaughter. Now wouldn’t that be even more special!

The only problem that I seem to have is choosing which one.
Since my granddaughter is still pretty young, the Owl Always Love You Granddaughter Necklace is perfect for her this year. I really love both of the Grandma’s Gifts Keepsake Gifts for Granddaughters too. I think I will put one of those up for when she is a just a little bit older.


Precious Moments Granddaughter, I Love You To The Moon And Back FigurineBuy Now


Grandma’s Gift Keepsake Gifts for Granddaughters

If you desire to get one of the most beautiful keepsake gifts for granddaughters, you have found a perfect one here. This granddaughter necklace gift is sure to be cherished for a lifetime. Grandma’s Gift is a sterling silver gift box wrapped in a gold plated  bow with a diamond accent dangling from a sterling silver chain.

This gift is never meant to be opened, but it will always  be held close at heart as the real give is that it is filled with Grandma’s love to access at any time. You can’t get any more special than that!

 Grandma’s Gift comes in a beautiful gift box that includes this touching poem:

Grandma’s Gift
“Dear Granddaughter,
This is a very special gift, That you can never see.
The reason it’s so special is, It’s just for you from me.
Whenever you are lonely, or even feeling blue,
You only have to hold this gift and know I think of you.
You never can unwrap it, Please leave the ribbon tied,
Just hold the box close to your heart, It’s filled with Love inside.”

Grandma’s Gift Granddaughter NecklaceBuy Now

Sterling Silver Granddaughter Jewelry

Pretty sterling silver granddaughter jewelry make wonderful keepsake gifts for granddaughters. A quality piece of jewelry like these granddaughter necklaces will last a lifetime. Even better they are something that your granddaughter can wear for a very long time. Every time she puts on her necklace she will think of you. My grandma could not afford to give all of her granddaughters jewelry like this, but had she been able to, I would still be wearing it today as a grandma myself and thinking of her hugs as I did.

With his selection of granddaughter necklaces, you will be able to find the perfect one for your granddaughter no matter what her age is.

 Dear Granddaughter Letter Of Love Sterling Silver NecklaceBuy Now My Shining Star Granddaughter Crystal Pendant NecklaceBuy Now Love To The Moon And Back Diamond Pendant NecklaceBuy Now Precious As A Diamond Granddaughter Pendant NecklaceBuy Now Granddaughter Owl Always Love You Pendant NecklaceBuy Now Granddaughter, You’re Cute As A Bug Engraved Ladybug Pendant NecklaceBuy Now Granddaughter, Never Forget I Love You Engraved Elephant Pendant NecklaceBuy Now

Jewelry Box Keepsake Gifts for Granddaughters

When I purchase jewelry for someone I love to wrap it in a trinket box or small jewelry box. It gives the recipient somewhere to keep their gift and adds a specia; finishing touch to the gift. Of course when I decided to get a keepsake necklace for my granddaughter I immediately started thinking of what kind of box to wrap it in. I came across this beautiful wood jewelry box  embellished with decorative jewels.

I love the sentiment on the top, but you could also change it out with a photo if you desire. My favorite part of this granddaughter jewelry box is that it plays “What a Wonderful World”.

Granddaughter You Have Brought Such Joy Jeweled Musical Music Jewelry Box with Dark Wood Finish Plays What A Wonderful World


Music Box Keepsake Gifts for Granddaughters

Beautiful music boxes are another great example of keepsake gifts for granddaughters. When you wind a music box up something magical happens as the music begins to play. I am not quite sure what it is, but it has always made me smile. Each of these magical granddaughter music boxes has a special sentiment engraved on them. Click on each photo to get more info and choose your favorite.

 My Precious Granddaughter Heart-Shaped Porcelain Music BoxBuy Now Granddaughter, I Wish You Heirloom Porcelain Personalized Music BoxBuy Now My Granddaughter, I Love You To The Moon Music Box With Poem And Personalized Heart CharmBuy Now Granddaughter, I Love You Personalized Heirloom Porcelain Music BoxBuy Now Granddaughter, Owl Always Love You Music BoxBuy Now Dear Granddaughter HERSHEY’S KISSES Personalized Music BoxBuy Now Granddaughter, Never Forget You Are Loved Personalized Music BoxBuy Now

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