Designer Copper Bracelets for Health

Are There Health Benefits to Wearing a Copper Bracelet?

Designer copper bracelets not only look great but there could possibly be some benefits to wearing copper.

Thomas Kinkade Serenity Copper Wellness BraceletThomas Kinkade Serenity Copper Wellness Bracelet

Dating clear back to the early Egyptian civilization it has been believed that copper jewelry has many health benefits. People around the world claim that wearing a pure copper bracelet eases inflammation and pain.  Many people claim to have felt relief from arthritis and joint stiffness by wearing copper bracelets. This has never So are there benefit been medically verified.

Wearing a pure copper bracelet can allow your body to absorb important minerals such as copper, iron, and zinc. This could possibly be a simple way to help someone who may be deficient in the areas. Studies show that a lack of copper can create an imbalance in your body which could possibly cause aortic aneurysms.

Did you know that copper is known to increase the density of collagen and elastic fibers which slows the aging process?

Should You Wear a Designer Copper Bracelet for Health?

So are there health benefits to wearing a copper bracelet? Although I ultimately cannot tell you that wearing a beautiful copper bracelet will cure your arthritis or guarantee you live a longer more energetic life. I can tell you if you love one of these beautiful designer copper bracelets then absolutely get it and wear it! If it helps your arthritis, cardiovascular health, immune system, or energy even a little bit, then what a plus! Most of all, if the biggest benefit is that we feel good wearing such a pretty bracelet that in itself will affect our health for the good.

Thomas Kinkade Copper Bracelet

Thomas Kinkade Serenity Copper Wellness BraceletThomas Kinkade Serenity Copper Wellness Bracelet


Such a beautiful handcrafted designer copper bracelet this is! This Thomas Kinkade bracelet is made of pure copper with blue, purple, and turquoise enameling. It is simply a work of art. I do believe that this may be the most exquisite copper bracelet that I have seen. When you throw in the possible healing properties of copper, you have the perfect unique gift for your special someone.

What a perfect finishing touch of engraving the word “Serenity” on the inside of this beautiful copper bracelet. When you look at the Thomas Kinkade inspired artwork on this bracelet, serenity is the exact word to describe it.






“Nature’s Healing Beauty” Women’s Solid Copper Cuff Bracelet

Nature's Healing Beauty Floral Copper Cuff Women's BraceletNature’s Healing Beauty Floral Copper Cuff Women’s Bracelet


Isn’t it amazing how this designer copper bracelet beautifully combines not only the potential health benefits of copper and magnets but also a stylish fashionable look? Just look at the fully sculpted rose design accented with crystals and featuring a pink enameled rose in the center. I love how it comes in a velvet jewelry pouch and gift box making it perfect for gift giving.


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