Bald Eagle Lamps Majestically Beautiful

These beautifully crafted lamps are certain to be a focal point in any room. You can celebrate the breathtaking
Bald Eagle LampsTed Blaylock “Golden Majesty” Eagle Art Torchiere LampBald Eagle Lamps

view of this magnificent creature with these Bald Eagle Lamps. The mighty bald eagle will forever inspire us in a myriad of ways. His ability to silently ride the winds high above inspires the most awe.

You can now bring the power of nature into your living room with the breathtaking Bald Eagle. There are few sights more inspiring than a Bald Eagle in flight. The striking eagle lamps are sure to take you to new heights as their awe-inspiring scenes come to life.

Although it is hard to choose a favorite Bald Eagle lamp I am really leaning towards this Golden Majesty Eagle Art Torchiere Lamp as being one of my favorites.

Ted Blaylock’s “Canyon Protectors” artwork is recreated in vivid color and detail on the lamp’s scalloped translucent amber-hued crystalline shade. With a warm look and feel of amber art glass, it sits atop an elegant mahogany-finished base.

Ted Blaylock’s artwork also inspires the spectacular hand-cast eagle sculpture that enfolds the shade in its wings. Authentically hand painted from its pinfeathers to its talons, steely eyes, and even the tree trunk and rocks below. The look and feel of the amber art glass give new life to the classic torchiere design.

Bald Eagle lamps are a beautiful way to add to an existing Bald Eagle collection or a great start for a new collection.

Magnificent Bald Eagle Table Lamps

You really can not go wrong by adding any of these magnificent Bald Eagle lamps to your home. What a beautiful way to bring the majestic Bald Eagle into your living room.

Ted Blaylock Majestic Bald Eagles Sculpted Art LampTed Blaylock Majestic Bald Eagles Sculpted Art LampTed Blaylock Majestic Bald Eagles Sculpted Art LampTed Blaylock Ted Blaylock “Mountain Majesty” Torchiere LampTed Blaylock Ted Blaylock Ted Blaylock “Light Of Freedom”Eagle Table LampTed Blaylock

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