3 Educational And Unique Gifts For Grandkids

Unique Gifts For Grandkids

Do you have a hard time finding unique gifts for Grandkids? Are you looking for something that they will really get something out of? Not just another toy that will end up under the bed. I know when I look for gifts for my daughter or any other kids I really try to find those that they can learn something from. You know really get them thinking.

The unique gifts for Grandkids that I have here will do just that. I also like the fact that it’s not just a one-time gift. What do I mean by that? Well, you can choose for them to receive the gifts monthly for as long as you choose the subscription for.

A gift like this is perfect for Grandparents to give who may not know exactly what the grandkids are “into” these days. We all know this changes constantly. But with any of these unique gifts for Grandkids, you can never get it wrong. How many kids do you know that do not like to learn or get a new activity to get their hands on every month?

I can tell you from experience that kids will love receiving any of these as a gift. My daughter had a subscription for Little Passports and Green Kid Crafts that she received from Grandma. My daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on them and get learning and discovering new things about all the different places and people.

In my opinion, as a parent, I would much rather my daughter receive gifts like any of these unique gifts for Grandkids over the next new toy. Toys fade away and many kids do not even remember who or why they received such and such toys, but with these unique gifts for Grandkids they will remember what they learned and how much fun they had.

What better gift could you give to your Grandkids than a love of learning?

Traveling With Little Passports

Travel With Unique Gifts For Grandkids

Little Passports A Global AdventureLittle Passports A Global Adventure

I love Little Passports, so does my daughter. They have a variety of kits that you can choose from. They could go on a Science Expedition, travel the World with the World Edition, or around the United States with the USA Edition. Don’t worry about if your grandkid is too young for any of these adventures, there is an early explorers edition.

Little Passports is geared for children from ages 3 – 14. How it works, is you choose which kit you would like them to receive. Every month they will receive a new package. My daughter couldn’t wait to check the mail every month when she knew a new adventure would be arriving.

Grandma chose the World edition for my daughter to receive every month. The first month she received a “suitcase” to keep all of her travel info and mementos in, a world map so that she could mark the places she “traveled” to each month. A passport where she could put a sticker of the countries flag that she “traveled” to. A welcome letter and her first adventure. After that each month she would receive an activity booklet learning about that month’s country, pictures of famous landmarks or places, and a memento of something from that country.

As a parent, I love this idea for unique gifts for Grandkids. It gets them exploring and what they learn usually leads to more questions and learning about other things or places. It helps to spark a lifelong love of learning. I think I may have got more excited than my daughter did when she would jump in and start exploring because I love to watch her wheels turn as she comes up with questions. I love seeing where she ends up. What she has learned is something she will take with her forever.

Discover With Green Kid Crafts

Hands-On Learning Unique Gifts For Grandkids

Green Kid CraftsGreen Kid Crafts

More unique gifts for Grandkids would have to be Green Kid Crafts. Do you have a grandkid who loves to craft? I know the feeling, my daughter is a crafter and loves to do all sorts of art projects. One of the things that I love about Green Kid Crafts is that while they are being artsy and crafting, they are also learning.

Green Kid Crafts offer fun, creative and earth-friendly craft projects that are delivered directly to your Grandkid each month. I am so thankful that grandma chooses to find unique gifts for Grandkids. Green Kid Crafts is another that my daughter received every month thanks to Grandma.

Each month the kit has a theme, and the craft projects are based on those themes. Some of the theme topics are Ocean Science, Space, Safari, Volcanoes, and music.

Green Kid Crafts are geared toward ages 2 – 10, all of the materials are earth friendly. They are a Green Company, which I was thrilled to learn. Ensuring that all their supplies can be composted, recycled and/or reused whenever possible. Avoiding craft foams and plastic, their material all come bundled in plant-based compostable clear bags.

Each time a child receives a kit and fully engages in the product they will be learning some very beneficial things.

  • Each time they will be creating something they are proud of. The individual projects allow kids to be creative, build confidence and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
  • They will move their bodies as activities develop fine and/or gross motor skills and encourage active play.
  • They will use their thinking brain in completing different crafts and STEAM experiments. Using sequencing, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Have fun while discovering the world around them. They will get a wider view of their world, from either a nature-based, scientific or cultural perspective.
  • How about learning to care for themselves, others and the planet? The Discovery boxes and kits also help to teach children to be considerate and respectful towards people and nature.

As a parent, I can say that I absolutely loved my daughter receiving Green Kid Crafts every month. She was able to use her creativity and learn in ways I would never have thought of putting together myself. And the most important part is, she had fun learning!

Discover and Learn With Pley

Fun And Unique Gifts For Grandkids


This unique gifts for Grandkids idea is one of the best things I have come across. The company is called Pley and they have created a great idea for Grandparents to give as gifts or any family member for that matter.

What makes Pley so unique? They actually have a couple of different options you can choose from when deciding on a gift.

  • The first option is that you can choose for your grandkid to receive a Disney Princess mystery box. This is something that your Grandchild will receive every 2 months for as long as you decide. Every box allows your grandkid to re-create a princess experience. Each box includes unique figurines, accessories, content, and goodies for them to keep. This is geared towards ages 4 – 9.
  • A second option is the National Geographic Kids box. Here they will get a monthly adventure that explores our planet and nature. Each month they will receive a mission to rescue an endangered animal in a new part of the world. They will receive activities and accessories to complete their adventure. Providing 5 – 10 hours of learning, creativity, and fun! As a special bonus, they will also have access to digital mission content and games. This one is geared towards ages 5 – 11. My daughter has received National Geographic Kids box. As a nature lover, she absolutely loved getting this every month.
  • The third option which is a pretty unique idea and great for those who may not have a lot of room to store toys is to choose from their toy library. How this works is they pick a toy, play with it and then return. So they can choose from over 500 toys to borrow, they play with and enjoy them as long as they want. Then they return them and repeat. The toys are cleaned and sanitized before being mailed out. They will be choosing from brands such as Lego, Marvel, American Girl, Hot Wheels, Disney, Minecraft, LeapFrog, K’Nex, Creator, Duplo and many more. Why I think this is such a fantastic idea is that you know they are choosing something they would love every time they select a toy. I also like the fact that maybe they really do not have a lot of room to store toys, this still allows them to play with a lot of their favorites without having to try to find a place to store them. This option is geared towards ages 5 – 14.

Honestly, if I was still a kid I would have loved to receive any of these Unique gifts for Grandkids. I think that sometimes I was just as excited when my daughter would receive a box every month as she was.

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