10 Unique Mickey And Minnie Valentine’s Day Gifts

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sDisney Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Personalized Music Box

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. And I can’t think of a more iconic couple to help you do that with your loved one. So, gift them Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day Gifts. Mickey and Minnie have a timeless romance that although fictional is an inspiration for all. What better way to help represent your love than with this Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day music box.

Mickey and Minnie have captured the hearts of millions with their love. So, I am sure you will capture your loved one’s heart with beautifully crafted Mickey and Minnie music box. It is a vintage valentine inspired music box starring Mickey and Minnie as they share their timeless romance with us.

This personalized music box can be personalized with one or two names. A fully sculpted Mickey and Minnie are on the heart-shaped lid where they are sharing a kiss through a heart-shaped card that says “To my Valentine.”  In addition, a little sparkle has been added to the heart-shaped box in the way of 10 handset simulated jewels. Playing the melody of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” is sure to put a smile on your loved ones face when they hear it. When you open the lid of this beautifully crafted music box you see a beautiful saying “I Love You Today, Tomorrow, Always”, I think this adds the perfect finishing touch.

I Love You To The Moon And Back Pendant Necklace

Mickey And Minnie Valentine’s Necklace

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sDisney “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Pendant Necklace

This Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s necklace would be the perfect gift for any Disney fan. In addition a meaningful gift for a daughter, granddaughter, or any special person in your life.

Mickey and Minnie always find a way to celebrate the sweet love they have for each other. So, this would be a beautiful way to celebrate the endless love you have for your special someone. Mickey and Minnie celebrate their love all year long, but I can’t think of a better way to share a touching sentiment with your special someone on this Valentine’s Day.

The pendant is both beautiful and sweet. Mickey and Minnie are gracefully cradled in a Swarovski crystal-covered crescent moon. As Mickey and Minnie look lovingly into one another’s eyes they are holding hands. On the reverse side of the moon, it is elegantly engraved with, “I Love You to the Moon and Back.”

What a sweet and special way to celebrate your love than with this beautiful Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s necklace.

Mickey And Minnie Love Story Quilted Tote

On The Go Tote Bag Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s

Mickey and Minnie Valentine's“Mickey And Minnie Love Story” Quilted Tote Bag With Charm

Mickey and Minnie sure have a love story to share and they do just that with this quilted tote bag. As a result when you share your love with your sweetheart they can share the love of these two sweethearts wherever they go. This Mickey and Minnie bag is almost as magical as romance itself. So, if your sweetheart is a Mickey and Minnie fan this tote is sure to steal their heart.

On the front of the tote, you have Mickey stealing a kiss from Minnie. The sides of the tote have a plaid design with pockets featuring a polka dot pattern along with portraits of Mikey and Minnie. You get a top zip closure to keep all of your belongings in along with two large outer pockets, an inside zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets. In addition, a cute charm of Mickey stealing another kiss from Minnie is attached to one of the dual handles.

I love the classic Mickey and Minnie colors that make up this beautiful tote bag. I especially love how the red piping makes a sort of frame around Mickey and Minnie. As a result, making them the center of attention.

Let’s share your love story with this Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s tote bag.

Disney “The Magic of Love” Collector Plate

Celebrate A Mickey And Minnie Valentine’s With Thomas Kinkade

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sDisney “The Magic Of Love” Collector Plate With 2 Names

Thomas Kinkade has created the perfect setting for love. Who better to enjoy this special place but the most loveable sweethearts, Mickey and Minnie. You can now place yourself and your loved one into this picturesque garden by having your names “carved” within the heart of the tree.

A beautiful vision created by Thomas Kinkade showcases Mickey and Minnie sitting closely on a bench, tails entwined in the shape of a heart. As they sit lovingly in one another’s embrace admiring their beautiful surroundings as well as their favorite tree with your names engraved on it you can feel the magic of their love.

As a heartwarming gift for yourself or as a unique personalized gift, this beautiful mahogany finished framed collectors place brings a custom touch to the place where love and magic abound. So, this would make a beautiful decoration for any fan of Mickey and Minnie.

I can’t think of a better way for you to share the magic of your love with your loved one than with a beautiful Mikey and Minnie Valentine’s day gift!

Mickey And Minnie With You Is Where I Want To Be

Lasting Love Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Figurine

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sMickey And Minnie “With You Is Where I Want To Be” Figurine

Do you have a love that is as strong as Mickey and Minnies? Mickey and Minnie are lifelong sweethearts and as a result, celebrate every moment together.

With them, there is no place they would rather be than with each other no matter what they are doing. Therefore they are completely happy with just simply sitting with each other quietly.

This sweet figurine features Mickey and Minnie sharing a quiet moment together holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. In addition, the joy of sharing life’s sweetest moments with the one you love is perfectly captured.

Do you know the joy of spending your life with the one you love? Do you love and appreciate those sweet perfect moments you have together?

This adorable Mickey and Minnie figurine is inscribed on the base “With You Is Where I Want To Be” making it the perfect keepsake of your lasting love.

With this Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s figurine, your loved one will always know that you cherish those quiet moments of just being with one another.

Disney Timeless Love Crystal Pendant Necklace

Beautiful Mickey And Minnie Valentine’s Necklace

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sDisney “Timeless Love” Crystal Pendant Necklace

Mickey and Minnie are truly the most adorable couple and their love is timeless. If you are not already, you are sure to fall in love with America’s most beloved sweethearts, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They are truly too sweet to resist.

Let their one of a kind romance inspire you with the Disney Timeless Love Pendant Necklace.  Mickey and Minnie are ready to make their way into your heart and the heart of your loved one as they dazzle you with their timeless love

This enchanting Mickey and Minnie necklace brings the trademark charm of this loveable couple to your jewelry collection. Mickey and Minnie are can be seen on the front sharing a kiss. On the backside of the pendant, you have the words “Mickey and Minnie Timeless Love: surrounded by hearts.

The gorgeous Mickey and Minnie necklace comes in a keepsake case featuring Disney art of Mickey and Minnie that captures their love-at-first-sight romance. The keepsake case is just as beautiful as the necklace and pendant and is perfect for safekeeping or gift giving.

So, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s gift for your loved one.

Our Love Is Out Of This World Collection

A Celebration of Love Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Gift

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sMickey & Minnie Our Love Is Out Of This World Collection

Mickey and Minnie our beloved sweethearts have captured the hearts of many for generations with their endearing smiles and loving friendship. Now they once again are here to warm our hearts.

The Mickey and Minnie figurines in the collection were inspired by the romance of natures wonders.  Every figurine showcases Mickey and Minnie with a spectacular symbol of their devotion. A crescent moon, shimmering star, a bright rainbow, delicate snowflake and more each of the wonders of nature are not only beautiful, but one of a kind just like your and your sweethearts love.

Inscribed on each figurine is a heartwarming sentiment that proclaims their love. These same sentiments are sure to express your love to your sweetheart as well.

There are currently four issues with this collection with more as they become available. You will start of this wonderful collection with Issue One being I Love You To The Moon And Back Again, Issue Two – Our Love Is Written In The Stars, Issue Three – You Are My Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow and Issue Four – Our Love Is As Unique As A Snowflake.  What a wonderful way to let your sweetheart know that the sky is the limit when it comes to your love.

Forever In Love Personalized Musical Glitter Globe

Mickey And Minnie Valentine’s Day Gifts Forever Show Your Love

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sDisney “Forever In Love” Personalized Musical Glitter Globe

With their everlasting love, sweet hugs and kisses, Mickey and Minnie have warmed our hearts for generations. It’s easy to fall in love with Mickey and Minnie so it’s no wonder they have loved each other forever.

Let’s celebrate with a Disney Valentine’s day by letting Mickey and Minnie’s adorable romance remind you of your own, with this Disney musical glitter globe. Definitely, a magical globe filled with romance and charm.

Celebrate your romance with this magical glitter globe. Mickey and Minnie are showcased inside a crystal-clear glitter globe smooching while heart and lip-shaped glitter swirl around them. On the porcelain base the sweet sentiment “Forever in Love” is featured in a framed heart along with your two names. Around the rest of the base, there are three more hearts capturing the iconic couples forever love with classic images representing “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and “Always”. With a turn of the key, this Mickey and Minnie glitter globe will play “Always In My Heart”.

A perfect Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s gift to represent that your sweetheart is your “Today”, “Tomorrow”, and “Always”.

You & Me, Our Love Was Meant To Be

Mickey And Minnie Valentine’s Personalized Figurine

Mickey and Minnie Valentine'sDisney Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Personalized Figurine

When it comes to everlasting love Mickey and Minnie represent that best. Who better than Mickey and Minnie who are forever sweethearts to help celebrate love in enchanting style?

Mickey and Minnie have celebrated their love a lot over the years. But now the happy couple honors the most special couple of all, you and your love with the You & Me, Our Love Was Meant To Be personalized figurine.

Mickey and Minnie share a quiet moment together with clasped hands and tails in the shape of a heart honoring your forever love. This adorable figurine is extra special because it features your and your sweetheart’s names on a decorative ampersand symbol for a one of a kind tribute to your storybook romance.

Mickey and Minnie’s hearts are forever linked together and their love was always meant to be. Just like Mickey and Minnie’s hearts being forever linked this sweet figurine represents your forever linked hearts and your love is meant to be. Such a sweet Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s day gift for your sweetheart!

Mickey And Minnie Together Forever Calendar

Celebrate Love Year Round Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s

Mickey and Minnie Valentine's“Mickey And Minnie Together Forever” Perpetual Calendar

Just as Mickey and Minnie celebrate your love is something special to be celebrated all year. Let one of the most beloved couples of all time remind you that the power of love can make every day more special.

With this lighthearted Disney calendar, it lets you celebrate the fun of each new day with Mickey and Minnie. Each months figurine is decorated with festive seasonal accents. From Mickey and Minnie ringing in the New Year with party hats and formalwear in January to a tender kiss under the mistletoe in December. Each figurine is decorated with seasonal flair and hand painted with sweet romantic expressions.

You can look forward to customizing your perpetual calendar with the special occasion tiles that let you mark special holidays and family celebrations.

Share the joy of togetherness and the magic of the seasons with this Mickey and Minnie Together Forever Perpetual Calendar. A great Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s gift as you get to look forward to receiving twelve Mickey and Minnie figurines throughout the year and get a sweet reminder of your love.


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